Monday, May 31, 2004

What Happened to recallarnoldwatch?

Today, I noticed that there is no recallarnoldwatch. Why? We don't have the freepers like John Murphy and his aliases, or Misty Fantasy, Neil Slocomb, Lanky, Jim/Jack Ziegler, or some other Freeper Troll. Why?

Until I get authoritative answers, I like to tell everybody that the Recall of the Governator is not the least bit over or is giving out its last gas. There are two sets of issues that will arrivw within the next three months OR LESS- the Budget and the Gay Marriage case before the California Supreme Court. To start to prematurely write the obituary of the Recall effort would be a GREAT disservice to the people of this State, knowing full well that it was and is a Republican effort to screw up the State and attempt to use it as a Republican Beachhead for the Liar-in-Chief of the Millenium.

Bush and Arnold will be defeated in November 2004.This Country will survive and we will have a tremendous recovery once again under President Kerry.

As for the Gay Marriage Group, I don't know why my posts are not being posted. Ahrnold's hand-picked California Supreme Court may well be likely TO BAN GAY MARRIAGES, based on Republican Dogmas, and Mantras, instead of what the law says, dating back to 1972. It is imperative that all Gay Rights groups be mobilized to not only recall Ahrnold, but, if there is any, the Anti-Gay Marriage Majority on the California Supreme Court.

READ THIS, I'LL LAUNCH THE IMPEACH ARNOLD YAHOOGROUP IN A FEW MINUTES (BTW, a violation of the Political Reform Act of 1974 is a misdemeanor):

News Archive - Web Logs - Press Releases

Press Release
Feb 10, 2004 - 01:00 AM

CONTACT: Carmen Balber (310) 392-0522 ext. 324 or Doug Heller ext. 309
FPPC Should Investigate Schwarzenegger’s Initiative Advertisements & $2 Million Transfer, Group Says
Advertisements Fail to Disclose True Source of Funding
Santa Monica, CA -- Governor Schwarzenegger's campaign to pass Propositions 57 and 58 illegally circumvents voter approved campaign finance law in order to hide the true source of donors, according to a complaint from consumer advocates to the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). The nonprofit, nonpartisan Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) asked the FPPC to review the funding practices of Schwarzenegger's committees and ensure that future advertisements comply with the law.

State law requires that ballot initiative advertisements clearly state the major economic or special interest that is funding the advertisement. Advertisements in support of Proposition 57 and 58 (the bond and budget initiatives) state that major funding for the campaign is provided by Governor Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team. According to FTCR's complaint, the Recovery Team committee, which has transferred $2 million to the Yes on 57 & 58 committee, has not properly identified its funding sources, primarily banking and development interests, insurance companies, hi-tech, media and energy interests. As a result, the public is being misled to believe that the funding for the campaign is Governor Schwarzenegger rather than the interests who have actually contributed to the campaign.

According to the complaint, Governor Schwarzenegger is using his committee structure "to launder campaign dollars into the "Californians for a Balanced Budget -- Yes on 57 & 58" committee in such a fashion that the source of funding for the ballot measures promoted by the Governor is hidden from the public. By taking these evasive actions, Governor Schwarzenegger has violated those sections of the Political Reform Act that require committees to reveal to voters the true source of funding behind a ballot measure."

The group also warned that Governor Schwarzenegger might be conspiring to continue this deception with a New York fundraiser in support of the ballot measures scheduled for February 24th. That fundraiser, at the home of Robert Wood Johnson IV, heir to the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson fortune, has been described as an opportunity for donors to become a co-chair of Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team by contributing an unprecedented $500,000 in support of the ballot measures. FTCR is asking the FPPC to ensure that the campaign in support of Proposition 57 & 58 identifies the major funding sources regardless of which committee actually receives the donation.

FTCR, which has not taken a position on the initiatives, noted that Governor Schwarzengger may fear that revealing the true source of financial support may undermine the initiatives. Under the campaign finance law, a more appropriate tagline to advertisements promoting propositions 57 & 58 would read: "Sponsored by Californians for a Balanced Budget - Yes on 57 & 58; a coalition of banks, developers, insurance companies and energy firms. Major funding from American Sterling Corporation and Paul Folino, CEO of Emulex corporation."

"Disclosure laws exist to ensure that voters know which special interests are funding an initiative," said Carmen Balber of FTCR. "Just because the voters might think twice when they see who is really behind a ballot measure does not justify the Governor's deceptive fundraising tactics."

Read the complaint at:



FTCR's Complaint to the Cal. Fair Political Practices Commission

February 10, 2004

Enforcement Division
Fair Political Practices Commission
428 J St., Suite 620
Sacramento, CA 95814


Person Making Complaint
Carmen Balber
1750 Ocean Park Blvd, Ste. 200
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Ph: 310-392-0522 ext.324
Fx: 310-392-8874

Alleged Violator
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Ph: 916-445-2841
Fx: 916-445-4633

Provisions of Political Reform Act Allegedly Violated
1) Government Code Sec. 84504:

84504. (a) Any committee that supports or opposes one or more ballot measures shall name and identify itself using a name or phrase that clearly identifies the economic or other special interest of its major donors of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or more in any reference to the committee required by law, including, but not limited, to its statement of organization filed pursuant to Section 84101.
(b) If the major donors of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or more share a common employer, the identity of the employer shall also be disclosed.
(c) Any committee which supports or opposes a ballot measure, shall print or broadcast its name as provided in this section as part of any advertisement or other paid public statement.
(d) If candidates or their controlled committees, as a group or individually, meet the contribution thresholds for a person, they shall be identified by the controlling candidate's name.

2) Government Code Sec. 84503:

84503. (a) Any advertisement for or against any ballot measure shall include a disclosure statement identifying any person whose cumulative contributions are fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or more.
(b) If there are more than two donors of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or more, the committee is only required to disclose the highest and second highest in that order. In the event that more than two donors meet this disclosure threshold at identical contribution levels, the highest and second highest shall be selected according to chronological sequence.

Description of Facts Constituting Alleged Violations
"Governor Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team" has been utilized by Governor Schwarzenegger to launder campaign dollars into the "Californians for a Balanced Budget -- Yes on 57 & 58" committee in such a fashion that the source of funding for the ballot measures promoted by the Governor is hidden from the public. By taking these evasive actions, Governor Schwarzenegger has violated those sections of the Political Reform Act that require committees to reveal to voters the true source of funding behind a ballot measure.

1) Governor Schwarzenegger controls ballot measure committee #1261406, "Governor Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team," which was opened on December 13, 2003.

The "Recovery Team" committee has received contributions totaling $4,036,741 from 94 donors. These contributions include five donations of $250,000 each from banking firm American Sterling Corporation, the high tech Emulex Corporation, builder William Lyon Homes, developer Castle and Cooke, media mogul Jerry Perenchio and retired private investor William Robinson.

Government Code Sec. 84504 requires "Any committee that supports or opposes one or more ballot measures shall name and identify itself using a name or phrase that clearly identifies the economic or other special interest of its major donors of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or more in any reference to the committee required by law, including, but not limited, to its statement of organization filed pursuant to Section 84101."

Governor Schwarzenegger has violated Section 84504 by failing to indicate the economic or special interests of the contributors to the committee in the name: "Governor Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team." This name conceals the large business and corporate interests -- including the finance, real estate, technology and entertainment lobbies -- which have donated to the "Recovery Team" committee.

2) Governor Schwarzenegger also controls the ballot measure committee #1261936, opened on January 14, 2004, and named "Californians for a Balanced Budget -- Yes on 57 & 58."

"Yes on 57 & 58" has received $2,085,000 from 5 donors. $2 million, the vast majority of the committee's funds, was transferred to the committee by "Governor Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team."

Government Code 84503 requires "Any advertisement for or against any ballot measure shall include a disclosure statement identifying any person whose cumulative contributions are fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or more."

Campaign ads just released by the committee indicate that they are "Paid for by Californians for a Balanced Budget Yes on 57 & 58. Major funding provided by Gov. Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team." By funding "Yes on 57 & 58" through money transfers from the "Recovery Team," Governor Schwarzenegger has violated the requirements of Government Code Sec. 84503. Indicating that major funding to the "Yes on 57 & 58" committee came from the "Recovery Team" makes it look as though the initiative is paid for by Schwarzenegger himself, rather than revealing the true source of campaign cash -- the corporate donors to the "Recovery Team."

3) This matter is particularly urgent because the Governor has announced a fundraiser on February 24 to raise money for Propositions 57 & 58. The minimum donation at this event is $50,000 and top donors, at $500,000, will be given the title of "Co-Chair" of the California Recovery Team. It can only be assumed that Governor Schwarzenegger intends to continue his pattern of raising money into the "Recovery Team" committee and then transferring those funds to "Yes on 57 & 58." Timely action is required to stop the imminent recurrence of this violation of the Political Reform Act, as described above.

Documentation Enclosed
"Yes on 57 & 58" campaign advertisements can be found online at: The text of these advertisements, printed in the Los Angeles Times on February 10, is enclosed.

The statements of organization, form 410, for "Governor Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team" and "Californians for a Balanced Budget -- Yes on 57 & 58" are enclosed.

A San Francisco Chronicle news article of February 6, 2004, reporting the February 24 fundraising event is also enclosed.

Contributions to "Californians for a Balanced Budget -- Yes on 57 & 58" are found online at: and spreadsheet is enclosed. Contributions to "Governor Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team" are found online at: and spreadsheet is enclosed.

Thursday, May 27, 2004



May 27, 2004


Major Organizer
Recall Arnold Movement
21845 Grand Terrace Rd., #23
Grand Terrace, CA., 92313
TEL.: (909) 872-1826

GRAND TERRACE, Calif.-A Grand Terrace liberal progressive activist who has been involved in local recalls elsewhere will serve Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today by Certified Mail the Notice initiating his recall.

Hank Ramey, who was involved in the 1987 Baldwin Park Recall, and the Bell Gardens recalls of 1991 and 1999, was incensed after Schwarzenegger won the election to succeed Gov. Gray Davis, who was recalled in October 2003.

Part of the original reasons why Ramey and 64 other people who want to recall Schwarzenegger was not only because of the previous allegations of sexual harassment, but also he was aided by biased conservative talk radio hosts, especially two "juveniles" John Kolbalt and Ken Champeau of KFI-AM.

"I call those two juveniles, Noballs and Shampoopoo", Ramey said, "is because they claim to present 'real news' and 'facts', when they use their show to bash Latinos, actively campaign for Arnold. They actively distorted the issues, and assisted the right wing wackos from the Pete Wilson Administration in electing this Austrian meatball."

Ramey also refers to the controversy involving Davis' attempt to grant undocumented aliens drivers' licenses. "Why deny them a license? Because of their skin color? If citizens and resident aliens can drive, why can't they?"

Ramey credits fellow recall proponent Jack Gerritsen, who used to pass out his "Viva La Revolucion" leaflets in front of the Mexican consulate, and currently transmits his messages of peace and being against the war through amateur radio, with the fact that why undocumented aliens cross the U. S. Border with Mexico is because of the corrupt economy and the corrupt governments at all levels in Mexico. "Why should Mexicans earn 50 cents an hour in Mexico?!" Ramey exclaimed.

Ramey also blames Kobalt, Champeau, the other talk radio hosts, and the former Wilson Administration officials, as well as former Gov. Pete Wilson, with distorting who was to blame for the State economic downturn and the energy crisis. While recall proponents blamed Davis for the mess, the Recall Arnold proponents rightfully blame President Bush for the downturn, and both Bush and Wilson for starting the energy crisis, which was initiated by Bush when he was Texas Governor, along with Bush's energy company allies, such as now-bankrupt Enron.

"If they wished to blame Davis for the bad economy and the energy crisis, they might as well blame Davis for the Stock Market Crash of 1929, the Crucifixion of Jesus, and Davis for tempting Eve to bite the forbidden fruit."

Recall proponents also blame the high cost of college tuition that was started with then-Gov. George Deukmejian, and Wilson's and Schwarzenegger's past endorsements of controversial initiatives, including Proposition 187, which was declared unconstitutional by the Federal Courts. "Arnold's a clonenator of Wilson. Why should Jay Leno and Oprah Winfrey give Arnold all this face time? Did Ronald Reagan ever fly to New York, and tell Johnny Carson in 1966 that he was running for Governor? SPARE ME!"

The Recall effort may extend to some Justices of the State Supreme Court. "If a majority of the Supreme Court say that San Francisco cannot perform Gay marriages, they will be next!" It is unclear whether Democrat Bill Lockyer who requested the State Supreme Court to stop Gay marriages, and who also supported Schwarzenegger in the Davis Recall election would also be next. "We will ask the current recall proponents, the members of the Recall Yahoogroups, and others to see if Lockyer should be recalled at all."

Ramey is NOT a president or chairman of the Recall Arnold movement. He was the person who carried the Recall Notice in person, and also obtained signatures at the Y-Que Trading Post in Los Feliz, and received signatures via snail mail after posting the Recall Notice online at

In addition to Gerritsen, Ramey's father and sister in Paramount signed the Recall Notice, as well as his brother-in-law in Fontana. The Moreno family of Santa Fe Springs signed the Recall Notice, and they own the El Compa Restaurant at Rosecrans and Orange in Paramount.

Also noted among the proponents are Riverside Civil Rights attorney Wole Akinyemi, and Democratic Assembly candidate Feral Masry of Newbury Park, who is female native of Saudi Arabia.

Ramey is also a member of the following Yahoogroup message boards dedicated to the Recall Arnold Movement, including: [Correct name]

Ramey is also on various message boards that support the defeat of President Bush, and the election of Democrat John Kerry as President.

Schwarzenegger has seven days to serve and file an Answer to the Notice of Intention. After that Ramey has to submit proposed Petitions to Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, and if the Petitions are approved, proponents will have about five months to get signatures.

"We are aiming for the November 2004 Election, so that Bush, Arnold, and possibly the anti-Gay Marriage majority on the State Supreme Court would be thrown out of office."

Ramey's father, Henry Ramey, Sr., may be contacted at (562) 531-4439.

Gerritsen can be reached at (323) 560-4318.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


This to announce that Governor of the State of Callousness Ahrnold Schwarzenegger will be served with a Notice of Intention to Recall May 27, 2004, by Certified Mail tomorrow. The Notice will be published tomorrow in the San Bernardino Westside Story News,, and I would love to thank Wallace Allen, it's Publisher, for all of his help. The time will tick starting tomorrow. We will aim for this November's election. Once the Petitions are approved, we will ask for volunteers to circulate the Petitions until we raise money for paid circulators, and that can take awhile. As for talking to the Gay Rights organizations, the FTCR, the Indian Tribes, etc., I will be sending e-mails to various organizations requesting live persons to circulate when the time comes.

Everybody in the world except prisoners are allowed to circulate these Petitions. In light of the Peace Movement that should be in full gear in light of the recent news, I suggest that everybody involved in getting our troops back home alive help us, and we will coordinate with you in all protests against the village Idiot-in-Chief. Greens, other Naderites and third-parties will be welcome to circulate recall petitions, including you John Murphy, and don't worry, I'm straight, still looking for 18+ women to date. We will also ask Gays, Latinos, those affected by the budget cuts, trial lawyers, and Indian Tribes to participate. This will be the greatest year, since 1968, and we will send our troops home, defeat Bush, and RECALL ARNOLD!


Sunday, May 23, 2004

Recall Arnold Yahoogroups and spreading recalls to cities

As a major leader in the Recall Arnold movement, I cannot allow myself to be called President or Chairman of the Recall Arnold "Committee". I belong to six Yahoogroups involved in the Recall of Ahrnold, which are located as follows: (moderated) (moderated) (moderated)

Most everybody in the six Groups are not only pro-Recall, but also anti-war, and anti-Bush.

The problem with the recall-arnold Group is that there's at least two people, Neil Slocum, and "Misty Fantasy". Neil is from Southern Iduho, and Misty is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They're not from California, nor will they carry any of the Recall Petitions. They are freeper troll posers hired by the Republican Party to disrupt and maybe to convince in futility to withdraw or stop the Recall movement. WHY? Sometimes when a good thing is coming, the devil will appear to disrupt the whole process. They all assert conservative positions based on shit heard on the Fux Propaganda Channel or your local Unclear Asschannelled or Walt Dismal radio station. These Die Bold morons and meatheads are homophobic, want to tax Indians and college students, but not anybody else, and impose a Pete Wilson-Georgy Porgy Bush mentality, smacking of Adolf Hitler, and all he stood for.

Unfortunately for the Republicans, California is a liberal state and functionally has been, since 1958. That was the year the Got-Old-Pussy took the State's voters for granted, and Gov. J. Goodwin Knight ran for U. S. Senate, and U. S. Senator William Knowland ran for Governor. The Democrats cried foul, smelled something from Denmark, and demanded reform. As a result of Gov. Pat Brown's election in 1958, cross-filing that has been allowed since the early 1900's was abolished. The GOP used to recruit Democrats to also nominate the Republican nominee as the Democratic nominee, and neutralize Democratic support. Since then, the Democrats ran the State Senate, and except for 1970-72 and 1994-96, the Democrats ran the State Assembly. However, the GOP erroneously believe that when the State elects a Republican Governor, like Ronald Reagan, George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson, and Arnold, they believe that oh, "we" elected a Republican, and therefore the GOP's in charge. BULL SHIT!

If you're living in Los Angeles County (not just L. A., but also 87 other cities and various unincorporated areas), or in the Bay Area Counties, both areas being very populous, they are mostly Democratic. In other Counties, it is mostly Republican or still leading that way. In other words, there is no way, especially when Bush is tumbling down in the polls, and the atrocities in Iraq are getting worse, this State will vote Democratic or at least anti-Bush. Bush, Ahrnold and the GOP will go down the proverbial drain. Ahrnold would be swept away!

I'm also helping others in Bell Gardens recall two of its Councilmen. It's 2:33 a. m. this morning, and I got to go to bed. I'll explain more soon.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Welcome to Recall Arnold

Welcome to Recall Arnold! Here, we will report on the details of what's happening on the Recall Petition and hopefully the Recall Election of California Governer Arnold Schwarzeneggar. I am new to blogging, so please be patient.


We already have 65 signatures on the Notice of Intention against Ahrnold. (This is different to emphasize the Austrian accent he has, especially when he pronounces words like "Rekall" and "Kaleefornia".) We now need about $200-300 to get the Notice published in a newspaper that publishes legal notices. I have contacted the Paramount Journal and Westside Story News, and I have not received the exact price yet. At about the same time I pay the money, then I will serve Ahrnold by Certified Mail and file the Notice to the California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley. Publication does not start the process, but serving Ahrnold does. After preparing the Notice, receiving Ahrnold's Answer, and the Proof of Publication, and preparing the proposed Recall Petitions, we will be rocking in getting signatures.

Here is the text of the Notice of Intention that was circulated:

TO THE HONORABLE ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: Pursuant to Section 11020, California Election Code, the undersigned registered qualified voters of the State of California, hereby give notice that we are the proponents of a recall petition and that we intend to seek your recall and removal from the office of Governor of the State of California, and to demand election of a successor in that office. The grounds for the recall are as follows:

Governor Schwarzenegger was elected with the help of former Governor Pete Wilson and his aides from the Wilson Administration.

Governor Schwarzenegger’s previous campaign was funded by Wilson, his cohorts and other allies, including talk-radio juveniles. The content of the commercials included false references to undocumented aliens and others, and blamed others for the energy crisis and the economic downslide where the genesis for both came from Wilson himself and George W. Bush.

The Republicans insist that we must have moral and honest people, BUT Governor Schwarzenegger was alleged with 16 acts of sexual harassment in the workplace. We should not have a Governor with a history of not respecting women’s rights.

As for education, Governor Schwarzenegger and his Republican cohorts do not give a darn about the high tuition rates that were increased, since Governor Deukmejian raised them ever since 1983. Governor Schwarzenegger and Wilson have shown that jailing the poor and urban youth is more important than educating them?

Both Governor Schwarzenegger and Wilson have supported unconstitutional initiatives that effect the rights of the poor and minorities in this State. SCWARTZENEGGER SHOULD NOT BE GOVERNOR IF HE AND THE REPUBLICANS CANNOT RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE.


NOTE: If it was NOT for the 65-signature requirement, this Recall would have started November or December 2003. Hopefully, it would take us a lot sooner for us to get Petition signatures.

In the next several days, I will attempt to contact Gay Rights groups, Indian Nations, the Foundation of Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (Harvey Rosenfield's group), Lawyer groups, and groups affected by the budget cuts (The State Prison Gestapo need not apply.) to elicit their support.

If you are in any city with bad politicians, e-mail me, and we will assist you in your local recalls, and your signature gatherers can also help recall Ahrnold.

In the future, I would like to get publicity by having the Recall movement covered by Michael Moore, Free Speech TV, Democracy Now!, Andy Johnson. The liberals should help making changes. If we get enough signatures by this August, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante can schedule the recall at the same time Bush Defeat Election is scheduled. The people of America can make this change.

Hank Ramey,