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May 27, 2004


Major Organizer
Recall Arnold Movement
21845 Grand Terrace Rd., #23
Grand Terrace, CA., 92313
TEL.: (909) 872-1826

GRAND TERRACE, Calif.-A Grand Terrace liberal progressive activist who has been involved in local recalls elsewhere will serve Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today by Certified Mail the Notice initiating his recall.

Hank Ramey, who was involved in the 1987 Baldwin Park Recall, and the Bell Gardens recalls of 1991 and 1999, was incensed after Schwarzenegger won the election to succeed Gov. Gray Davis, who was recalled in October 2003.

Part of the original reasons why Ramey and 64 other people who want to recall Schwarzenegger was not only because of the previous allegations of sexual harassment, but also he was aided by biased conservative talk radio hosts, especially two "juveniles" John Kolbalt and Ken Champeau of KFI-AM.

"I call those two juveniles, Noballs and Shampoopoo", Ramey said, "is because they claim to present 'real news' and 'facts', when they use their show to bash Latinos, actively campaign for Arnold. They actively distorted the issues, and assisted the right wing wackos from the Pete Wilson Administration in electing this Austrian meatball."

Ramey also refers to the controversy involving Davis' attempt to grant undocumented aliens drivers' licenses. "Why deny them a license? Because of their skin color? If citizens and resident aliens can drive, why can't they?"

Ramey credits fellow recall proponent Jack Gerritsen, who used to pass out his "Viva La Revolucion" leaflets in front of the Mexican consulate, and currently transmits his messages of peace and being against the war through amateur radio, with the fact that why undocumented aliens cross the U. S. Border with Mexico is because of the corrupt economy and the corrupt governments at all levels in Mexico. "Why should Mexicans earn 50 cents an hour in Mexico?!" Ramey exclaimed.

Ramey also blames Kobalt, Champeau, the other talk radio hosts, and the former Wilson Administration officials, as well as former Gov. Pete Wilson, with distorting who was to blame for the State economic downturn and the energy crisis. While recall proponents blamed Davis for the mess, the Recall Arnold proponents rightfully blame President Bush for the downturn, and both Bush and Wilson for starting the energy crisis, which was initiated by Bush when he was Texas Governor, along with Bush's energy company allies, such as now-bankrupt Enron.

"If they wished to blame Davis for the bad economy and the energy crisis, they might as well blame Davis for the Stock Market Crash of 1929, the Crucifixion of Jesus, and Davis for tempting Eve to bite the forbidden fruit."

Recall proponents also blame the high cost of college tuition that was started with then-Gov. George Deukmejian, and Wilson's and Schwarzenegger's past endorsements of controversial initiatives, including Proposition 187, which was declared unconstitutional by the Federal Courts. "Arnold's a clonenator of Wilson. Why should Jay Leno and Oprah Winfrey give Arnold all this face time? Did Ronald Reagan ever fly to New York, and tell Johnny Carson in 1966 that he was running for Governor? SPARE ME!"

The Recall effort may extend to some Justices of the State Supreme Court. "If a majority of the Supreme Court say that San Francisco cannot perform Gay marriages, they will be next!" It is unclear whether Democrat Bill Lockyer who requested the State Supreme Court to stop Gay marriages, and who also supported Schwarzenegger in the Davis Recall election would also be next. "We will ask the current recall proponents, the members of the Recall Yahoogroups, and others to see if Lockyer should be recalled at all."

Ramey is NOT a president or chairman of the Recall Arnold movement. He was the person who carried the Recall Notice in person, and also obtained signatures at the Y-Que Trading Post in Los Feliz, and received signatures via snail mail after posting the Recall Notice online at

In addition to Gerritsen, Ramey's father and sister in Paramount signed the Recall Notice, as well as his brother-in-law in Fontana. The Moreno family of Santa Fe Springs signed the Recall Notice, and they own the El Compa Restaurant at Rosecrans and Orange in Paramount.

Also noted among the proponents are Riverside Civil Rights attorney Wole Akinyemi, and Democratic Assembly candidate Feral Masry of Newbury Park, who is female native of Saudi Arabia.

Ramey is also a member of the following Yahoogroup message boards dedicated to the Recall Arnold Movement, including: [Correct name]

Ramey is also on various message boards that support the defeat of President Bush, and the election of Democrat John Kerry as President.

Schwarzenegger has seven days to serve and file an Answer to the Notice of Intention. After that Ramey has to submit proposed Petitions to Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, and if the Petitions are approved, proponents will have about five months to get signatures.

"We are aiming for the November 2004 Election, so that Bush, Arnold, and possibly the anti-Gay Marriage majority on the State Supreme Court would be thrown out of office."

Ramey's father, Henry Ramey, Sr., may be contacted at (562) 531-4439.

Gerritsen can be reached at (323) 560-4318.


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