Sunday, May 23, 2004

Recall Arnold Yahoogroups and spreading recalls to cities

As a major leader in the Recall Arnold movement, I cannot allow myself to be called President or Chairman of the Recall Arnold "Committee". I belong to six Yahoogroups involved in the Recall of Ahrnold, which are located as follows: (moderated) (moderated) (moderated)

Most everybody in the six Groups are not only pro-Recall, but also anti-war, and anti-Bush.

The problem with the recall-arnold Group is that there's at least two people, Neil Slocum, and "Misty Fantasy". Neil is from Southern Iduho, and Misty is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They're not from California, nor will they carry any of the Recall Petitions. They are freeper troll posers hired by the Republican Party to disrupt and maybe to convince in futility to withdraw or stop the Recall movement. WHY? Sometimes when a good thing is coming, the devil will appear to disrupt the whole process. They all assert conservative positions based on shit heard on the Fux Propaganda Channel or your local Unclear Asschannelled or Walt Dismal radio station. These Die Bold morons and meatheads are homophobic, want to tax Indians and college students, but not anybody else, and impose a Pete Wilson-Georgy Porgy Bush mentality, smacking of Adolf Hitler, and all he stood for.

Unfortunately for the Republicans, California is a liberal state and functionally has been, since 1958. That was the year the Got-Old-Pussy took the State's voters for granted, and Gov. J. Goodwin Knight ran for U. S. Senate, and U. S. Senator William Knowland ran for Governor. The Democrats cried foul, smelled something from Denmark, and demanded reform. As a result of Gov. Pat Brown's election in 1958, cross-filing that has been allowed since the early 1900's was abolished. The GOP used to recruit Democrats to also nominate the Republican nominee as the Democratic nominee, and neutralize Democratic support. Since then, the Democrats ran the State Senate, and except for 1970-72 and 1994-96, the Democrats ran the State Assembly. However, the GOP erroneously believe that when the State elects a Republican Governor, like Ronald Reagan, George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson, and Arnold, they believe that oh, "we" elected a Republican, and therefore the GOP's in charge. BULL SHIT!

If you're living in Los Angeles County (not just L. A., but also 87 other cities and various unincorporated areas), or in the Bay Area Counties, both areas being very populous, they are mostly Democratic. In other Counties, it is mostly Republican or still leading that way. In other words, there is no way, especially when Bush is tumbling down in the polls, and the atrocities in Iraq are getting worse, this State will vote Democratic or at least anti-Bush. Bush, Ahrnold and the GOP will go down the proverbial drain. Ahrnold would be swept away!

I'm also helping others in Bell Gardens recall two of its Councilmen. It's 2:33 a. m. this morning, and I got to go to bed. I'll explain more soon.


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