Friday, July 09, 2004

New Fahrenheit 9-11 Fans Site

My page was created as a resource page to download the film "Fahrenheit 9-11". The reason why the page was created was for two purposes:

1. To educate all voters that George Benedict Arnold Bush and Dick "Go Fuck Yourself" Cheney are abysmal failures on the Planet Earth for conspiring with the Saudis to bomb the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the Capitol, and then use that as an excuse to invade Iraq.

2. To provide a forum for places in the World, including the so-called United States of Amerika, where certain assholes do NOT want them to see "Fahrenheit 9-11".

If you are able to see it, please go to the theater (or theatre, if you're from England, Canada, etc.). and plunk US $7-10 or the equivalent, and make Michael Moore happy. Please, this is to be fair. If I made a film, I would like to make some money, too.
"Fahrenheit 9-11" is to make a statement that Bush and Cheney need to be impeached yesterday, and otherwise defeated from office.

Unlike a parliamentary system, The President and Vice President are elected by the Electoral College. No, it is not a school or university, but a body of electors chosen by the political parties in each state. The number of electors is equivalent to the State's two Senators, and the number of Representatives or Congressmen (the rough equivalent of MP's; bills are still sent to the Senate and can be defeated there as well as in the House of Representatives) from that State. There are 50 States, and a total of 538 Electors (Washington DC, is constitutionally entitled to 3 Electors), and 270 Electors are necessary to win. If nobody gets 270 Electors, then according to the Twelfth Amendment, the Vice President can be elected by a minimum of 51 Senators, and the President can be voted by the House with the approval of 26 House Delegations, not individual Members. If there are no 26 or more Delegations, the House Speaker is the Acting President until there are 26 House Delegations.

Instead of "turning the Election to the House", Bush asked his Daddy's Justices on the U. S. Supreme Court to permanently stop all review of the unconstitutional violations that occurred in Florida, and he became President. Moore makes mention of this in this movie.

To see the movie, try to go to the theater first. You don't need to buy theater food. You can go to a restaurant, or if it's late, try to go to a Denny's, Del Taco, or Dairy Queen (US only, I don't know if there diners or pubs that serve food late elsewhere). Then download the movie here.

First, download Azureus. You need it to properly download the .torrent file. The creators of Azureus would like to have a donation.

Second, download the Fahrenheit 9-11 torrent. After that is done, you still need to further process the download by using Azureus to open and further download the Fahrenheit 9-11 torrent. It is a 3.1 GB file after it is done.

Third, you probably need a DVD burner for sure to put the files on a readable DVD disc, and then the movie can be viewed. I'm not sure if it can be burned to CD. Please consult a knowledgeable computer techie for this.

Please use the movie as a "teach-in" and GOTV tool. The movie is great for Meet-Ups, House parties, tent revivals, schools, libraries, etc.; please, freely distribute it-PASS IT ON!

I am the Moderator of the Fahrenheit-9-11-Fans Yahoogroup. Please sign for the following Yahoogoups:

We also have the following links for you to do research on the 9-11 attacks and the Iraqi War:

The New Pearl Harbor
Yes, you can read David Ray Griffin's book online but you need to download the Adobe Reader to view each of the .pdf files.

The Dan Quayle Memorial Project for a New American Empire and Dictatorship
It also requires the Adobe Reader to view the site. Please see page 51. The war criminals urge for a "new Pearl Harbor".

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Randi Rhodes Message Boards


Adelphia Founder John Rigas got convicted; don't get cable; don't get FOX-owned DirectTV; get the DISH!


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The Nation

Mother Jones

Los Angeles Times

LA Weekly

LA City Beat

Save Disney

Corporate News Network? Fox Propaganda Channel? National Socialist National Broadcasting Company? They don't give you the news, they give you the Bush shit! DUMP THEM ALL!

If you have more Anti-Bush links or web sites, please e-mail me at


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