Saturday, January 15, 2005



Group formed to participate in the Ohio suits to overturn the 2004 Election results is expanding its focus.

The Group, People-v-Ohio-n-Florida, has announced that it would expand from contesting the November 2004 Election results to a series of grassroots efforts.

These include:

1. Ohio, Federal, and other election litigation.2. Recalling Ahrnold the Terminated.3.Voter initiatives on redistricting, in California and elsewhere.4. Voting reform initiatives in California, Ohio, Florida, andelsewhere.5. Initiatives to expand the initiative and referendum power and forrecall, in Ohio, Florida, and elsewhere.6. If no state has initiatve powers, lobby the legislatures for suchpowers (but New York also automatically has every 20 years forvoters to vote on whether a constitutional convention should beheld; we should campaign for yes, and get our supporters elected topropose and vote for such powers.)7. Contesting licenses before the FCC and media boycotts.8. Eliminating the Electoral College.9. The equal vote amendment.10. Rail to passenger safety.11. Universal Health Care.12. Raising the Minimum Wage.13. Eliminating outsourcing.14. Defending immigrant rights.15. Stopping the War in Iraq, AND NO DRAFT.16. Impeaching Bush (We now need 20 more congressmen; ifredistricting is implemented in California, Bush needs to get alawyer and a Reverend; Old Jebbie needs to get a lawyer and aPriest.)17. Creating more states.18. Seccession.

The group will also change its name to Grassroots-CA-OH-FL. Grassroots would like first concentrate on recalling Gov. Schwarzeneggar, and circulate initiatives as to voting reform first, but within the next two years, it expects that most of goals would be accomplished.

The group's address is

People on the internet can subscribe at

Hank Ramey, Owner
21845 Grand Terrace Rd., #23
Grand Terrace, CA., 92313
TEL.: (909) 872-1826

Dot, Moderator